During the first part of the video you may be left thinking that these children must have had some advantage you did not have or could not have had.  I thought that too, but by the end I didn't think that was the case anymore.  Even more importanty, a few main points jumped out at me as I continued watching until the end.  If you follow them you may have the same sucess or even half the success... which wouldn't be too bad either.

1)  You have to want to do it!  Cameron mentions that at 9 years old he didn't want to be a professional athlete, he wanted to be a business man like Mr. Trump.  You will generally get what you want bad enough.
2)  You have to put yourself out there.  This is the "catch part."  You don't really have to be able to do anything well, you just have to be able to do it.
3)  Start small and don't take on a lot of debt.  Both of these teenagers essentially started inside of their homes for almost no money.
4)  Do what you know.
5)  Save and reinvest your money.  Both of these millionaires are not into wasting their money.  The two people most interested in spending money were the broke hosts of the show.  That is a teling point, and a key difference between wealthy people and broke people.

If you follow these steps I'm sure you will be successful.  Even if you aren't you'll have fun working on your new "'part-time money making hobby."

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